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Think First Serve is the publisher of VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style and the Situational Outlook Questionnaire




The power of preference

  • Measures natural preferences for creative thinking, problem solving and decision making

  • Enables individuals to better leverage their preferences and work beyond their comfort zones to produce results

  • Improves collaboration and productivity within and across teams by establishing a common language and appreciation of diverse styles 


The power of climate

  • Measures an organization’s working climate for creativity and innovation, and readiness for change

  • A deliberate focus on climate improves leadership, employee engagement, well-being and satisfaction 

  • A healthy climate directly impacts organizational culture, sustainable innovation and profitable growth

Proven, practical and effective tools

VIEW and SOQ are easy to use and translate quickly from understanding to application.

Grounded in decades of research, they have proven impact on individual performance, team performance, revenue growth and ROI.

We work directly with organizations who want to leverage the power of the assessments.

We also provide VIEW and SOQ qualification programs.

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