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Creative Problem Solving

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A proven framework

Creative Problem Solving is a flexible system that helps individuals and groups solve problems and manage change.  It provides a framework, language and easy-to-use tools for understanding challenges, generating ideas, and transforming promising ideas into powerful action.


Creative Problem Solving can help people think strategically or tactically, incrementally or radically, depending on the kind of innovation you need. It also provides a common language around innovation and change, creating efficiency and enabling you to leverage the full creative and collaborative power of your teams.


It’s a powerful system with 60+ years of transformational results.

Isaksen, Dorval, & Treffinger (2011). Creative approaches to problem solving: A framework for innovation and change. Sage Publications.

Our personalized approach

We figure out your needs, then custom-design and facilitate a process to help you meet the challenges you face.

We manage personalities and diverse points of view to create consensus on complex issues.

We package meeting insights, decisions and results to enable immediate action.

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