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We can help you...

  • Prioritize strategies for growth

  • Create consensus on complex issues

  • Create a shared vision of what you want to become

  • Explore new business opportunities

  • Build clear plans that drive to action


Think First Serve's skills—first in the detailed thinking and planning required to execute a constructive retreat, and second in the facilitation of a large and diverse leadership team—was critical to the success of my team's time together. Sam and Brian's skills, experience and approach really deliver if you truly want to maximize the value of leadership planning events."

—CEO, Highlights for Children

Highlights for Children


Channel the energy of the consumer business for the next 3-4 years and unlock growth potential.


What we did

Senior leadership team retreat to create alignment; develop shared criteria for evaluating and prioritizing eight key strategic initiatives in progress; decide what to continue and what to let go; confirm deliverables and accountability; and develop the leadership team as one team.


Determined four main strategic areas of focus and investment to drive the organization forward and propel growth; created clarity and charge for the organization.


Direct Wines


Prepare for a three-year planning process focused on ways to grow the business faster.


What we did

A 2-day workshop with the 12 senior leaders to understand industry trends, key competitive advantages, agree on company direction and explore and prioritize potential areas for growth.


A new level of thinking around untapped target audiences, the delivery experience, club benefits and the potential for a brand re-launch: Virgin Wine & Music, live in year one.

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