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Drive growth through products & services

We can help you...

  • Uncover deep drivers of consumer and customer behavior

  • Translate behavior drivers into a robust portfolio of new ideas and growth platforms

  • Develop a repeatable & sustainable new product development process

  • Reimagine existing business models to optimize growth


The Creative Problem Solving method is critical to our organization. It was key to redesigning our New Product Development process, helped the cross-functional team work more collaboratively, and resulted in more strategic thinking. We use it formally in the NPD process and informally on a daily basis, making many meetings and projects far more productive.”

—Director, Continuous Improvement,
American Greetings

American Greetings


Create strategic retailer advantage and increase market share with a pipeline of innovation.


What we did

Designed unique insight approach to uncover deep consumer drivers. Trained entire business unit in Creative Problem Solving capabilities to enable continued development of new-to-the-world products.


An embedded innovation process, robust new-to-the-world product pipeline and sustainable $75 million business contributing to multiple account wins.

AG Case Study.jpg

Pittsburgh Symphony


Get people thinking and acting differently to address the risk of over-reliance on the endowment.


What we did

Aligned senior management and staff on strategic direction, assessed the climate for innovation, and put initiatives in place to ‘unclog the arteries’ between departments.


Improved engagement, collaboration, and a radical leap beyond the non-profit mission to create a retail store that reduced dependence on the endowment.

Pittsburgh Symphony Case Study.jpg
Pittsburgh Symphony.png
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