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TFS for Sports

We can help you...

  • Know your frame of mind to perform at your best

  • Use your problem-solving preferences to improve your training and performance

  • Use tools to improve focus, manage emotions, and channel behavior


Thank you for all your help. My daughter is really growing as a player. She has definitely upped her game with your mental strategies and techniques. The transferability of the skills into other parts of her life is also fantastic! The journey continues!”

—Parent of nationally ranked junior squash player



Work with a nationally ranked junior squash player to turn around and sustain her competition mindset under pressure.


What we did

Custom-designed  a five-session program with real-time mental coaching in how to think of performance as a series of problems to solve, including maintaining focus of attention, reducing stress during competition, starting matches quickly, finishing stronger, and managing impact of expectations on her readiness to perform at her best in pressure situations.


In progress. Using the mental toughness techniques, came from an early-round loss in the main draw to win the Girls U-17 consolation finals in the 2019 Midwest Championship; then competed as a 16-year old in the Girls’ U-19 draw at the US Junior Open, and compiled a 3-1 record.

MF Squash.jpeg

Ice Hockey


Help a junior hockey player channel his emotions and improve his performance on the ice.


What we did

Custom-designed a 4-session program to help him understand his natural preferences for problem solving and how they impacted his competition style, emotions, and performance on the team. Also trained him in deliberate processes and tools to develop and sustain a high-performance mindset both on and off the ice.


Figured out that playing defense instead of offense was a better fit with his natural preferences, reducing stress and improving his comfort and confidence in competition. Now playing at the college level.

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