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We can help you...

  • Design and align on the strategy for growing your business

  • Develop the leadership skills needed to make it happen

  • Establish the climate for best performance

  • Put plans in place to drive to action and results


Thank you for running such an outstanding meeting and doing such an amazing job 'herding cats'. I'm constantly amazed by how you bring people together with such grace and I really appreciate all your efforts."

—Director of Education, US Sailing

US Sailing


Grow participation in sailing across the United States.

What we did

A one-day workshop with 76 leaders from the industry, local sailing organizations, associations and the media to frame a plan for galvanizing efforts and aligning resources; evaluated national campaign concept and put implementation plans in place.


Implemented First Sail program at hundreds of recreational boating venues across the country.

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US Sailing Case Study.jpeg

US Coast Guard


Decrease the number of recreational boating injuries, accidents and fatalities on our nation’s waterways.

What we did

Designed a unique process to develop, field-test and gain consensus on on-water instruction standards with a 26-person subject matter expert team, 900+ certified instructors, and 2000 members of the boating public.


Four American National Standards for entry-level boating skills: what to instruct and how, in order to increase enjoyment and save lives.

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