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Samantha Stead

Samantha has 25+ years of international experience in leading organizational changes and transforming business performance - in strategic planning,  designing and delivering new products and services and as a specialist in non-traditional consumer insight and product development. 


Samantha has real-life, on-the-ground experience in using creative problem solving to create significant business impact. As a past Vice President of Consumer Insight and Product Development in an international direct marketing business she:

  • spearheaded the development and integration of cutting-edge research methods to uncover the motivations and drivers of consumer behavior, and used the insights to drive marketing and product initiatives that improved return on investment by more than 25 percent.

  • brought to her organization an unparalleled understanding of its customers, transforming the business mindset from product-driven to customer–centric.

  • designed and facilitated a new global research and development process leading to substantial increases in test success rates, and reductions in cost and development time.

  • facilitated the development of approaches that significantly increased bottom-line profit from customer service activities.


Samantha has since consulted for a range of local, national and international organizations across multiple industries.​ She is a qualified trainer and facilitator of Creative Problem Solving; and qualified in several assessments that she uses to help organizations better understand their customers, and to help management and functional teams develop leadership, collaboration, communication, decision making, engagement and performance.


Samantha holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Honors degrees in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford, UK, where she was awarded the Scobell Scholarship for academic achievement.

Samantha has spoken at numerous conferences in the United States and Europe; and has authored several articles on the impact that can be created with Creative Problem Solving. Her articles include:

  • "VIEW and teamwork at a Distance." With K. Brian Dorval. Think First Serve Inc., Buffalo, NY (2020)

  • "Preparing to be at your best with the 4Rs." With K. Brian Dorval. Think First Serve Inc., Buffalo, NY (2020)

  • "Best practice meeting management: Tips and recommendations for getting the most from your meetings." Think First Serve Inc., Buffalo, NY

  • A new VIEW of customers: A case study in using a problem solving style assessment as a customer profiling tool.” International Creativity & Innovation Management Conference Proceedings. International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY Buffalo, NY

  • “Master blaster: The power of the evaluation matrix.” With K.B. Dorval. Communiqué XI. Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc.

  • “New product development: Changing the rules of the game.”  With K.B. Dorval. Communiqué X.  Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc.

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